Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Summary: Ethan wakes in a hospital room with no memory of how he came to be there, all he knows is that a body is laying in the bed. When Amma comes into the room crying his name, he realises that it is he who is laying there, standing between life and death. Nobody can see or hear him, only the man basking in a blinding white light.

Summary: Thinking he may be gay, Jasper visits Leeds Gay strip joint The Swan Lounge. While there he meets Emmett, an exotic dancer with only one thing on his mind . Can two very different people become more?

Summary: Emmett is finally leaving the safety of the clinic after months of therapy, knowing nobody in London except a volunteer at the clinic, Carlisle. Can they overcome how different their lives are form a friendship, maybe more?

Summary: Sequel to The Next Three Days. Has Emmett already lived through too much, been a slave to misery for too long? Can Carlisle be enough to made him hang on, or is it time for Emmett to say goodbye?

Summary: Felix is a fairy who gets one day a year to celebrate the Winter Solstice in his own way, the way he has since the day he saved a young James from fairy wrath. This will be his last year he can visit before James will stop believing and enter adulthood.

Summary: Jasper, a single parent for the past five years to Alice-Rose, awaits the arrival of his childhood friend Emmett who is living the life he once dreamed of. Can Emmett help him see that he can have the life he wanted and still be a father, maybe find love

Summary: Seth had looked forward to getting invited to Alice Brandon's Halloween party and worked hard to be accepted by the in crowd at school. That was, until the guests started dying.

Summary: Edward has loved Jasper since the day they met. His every waking thoughts are about him, but something is not right, something has changed.

Summary: Seth has loved Emmett for four years, and has only known this kind of love, the kind that results in a weird punishment if rules are broken. Can a visit from Emmett's old friend, James, be enough to show Seth there is more to love than spending time in the dark?